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How To Roller Skate Backwards Youtube

How To Roller Skate Backwards Youtube
How To Roller Skate Backwards Youtube

How To Roller Skate Backwards Youtube. Knee pads and wrist guards. [5] once you start to turn, make sure your core and hips stay aligned.

How To Roller Skate Backwards YoutubeHow To Roller Skate Backwards Youtube
How to learn backwards Powerslides on skates Inline skating tutorials from www.youtube.com

Switch between skating backwards and forwards. It’s free, check out yoga with adriene on youtube, and it’s totally awesome for you. Put the skate on, pull the tongue and tuck it inside the outside ankle cuff of your boot.

Place Your Feet Shoulder Width Apart, Bend Your Knees, And Squat.

Bend your knees and cross one foot over the other. Drop your left foot parallel beside your right and begin skating forwards. Rolling skating tips backwards 38m views discover short videos related to rolling skating tips backwards on tiktok.

Then Move Up To The Next Lace Cross And Pull.

Push off with your left foot, making you glide on your right foot. When you first learn the basics of roller derby, crossovers are usually taught how you see in this video: Bring your right foot around, placing it on the ground in a forward direction.

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Transfer Your Weight To Your Right Foot.

Most skaters do this with skates too wide showing a natural resistance to steering the skates close together. The technique of backward lemons provide the perfect shape to test your steering, as you glide your skates out and then in without hitting them together. If you find value in this tutoria.

This Useful Video Explains Exactly How It's Done, And Will Help You Get Good At Skatebo.

Then move up to the next etc. Lila.(@lilawestcoast), ⚡️shannan sinclair⚡️(@soulsideout), pfsc(@pfskatingcenter), rolling thunder skating(@rollingthunderphilly), rollarskating.tips3(@rollarskating.tips3),. It may look simple to just recreate how we all skate forwards, but it requires solid backward balance, steering and weight bearing on each leg.

At The Same Time Lift Up On Your Left Foot And Use It To Swing Your Body 180 Degrees.

Learn to roller skate backwards with me. Watch popular content from the following creators: Feel your skate becoming tighter on your whole foot.

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